Classic Equine MagNTX Knee Wrap $41.99

Knee Wraps for Horse Magnetic Therapy

Classic Equine MagNTX KneeWraps may aid in the breakup of calcifications are recoin the equine knee while helping to draw out fluid and promote healing.

What is MagNTX ? MagNTX therapeutic products are constructed with1 1/2 bipolar magnets. MagNTX magnets possess both north and south pole fields that run in horizontal planes. The north pole helps to expand the blood vessels and increases blood flow while the south pole promotes the removal of toxins from surrounding tissues. Using bipolar magnets forces the ions to rebound back and forth between the opposite magnetic fields which breaks up calcifications and carries away toxins aiding the bodies ability to heal naturally.

Recommendations for use of MagNTX products:

  • Use for at least 30 minutes and no more than 12 hours at a time
  • Ensure horse is adequately cooled down before use
  • Do not use any oil based or abrasive liniments while using MagNTX
  • Can beused in conjunction with preventative treatment regimes
  • Always consult with your veterinarian regarding treatment

Knee Wrapsare standard size and fit most average size horses.They have oneadjustable hook and loop closure.

Magntxs. Turn on search history to start remembering your searches. Classic Equine Standing Wrap Bandage Black Set of Ceswb1. Classic Equine MagNTX Knee Wrap. MagNTX Magnetic Therapy Knee Wraps for Horses.

Equip yourself with a wide selection of Classic Equine products. Other products to consider in protective boots no turn xt bell leather splint boot. Generates blood flow to help relieve pain in arthritic hocks.

Consisting of a neoprene exterior the interior of the boot is infused with the state of the art Welltex fabric which contains ceramic powder.

By Classic Equine. Classic Equine Knee Boot Horse Boots Pet Supplies. While resisting compression. Classic Equine saddle pads are specifically designed to provide superior shock absorption and protection while resisting compression.

Classic Equine MagNTX Magnetic Tendon Wrap.

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Professionals Choice Magnetic Hock Boots. 0 out of stars 1 0 Equimedia Jd Yates Starting The Head Horse Dvd. An effective complement to protective boots Knee Boots prevent bumps and bruises keeping equine knees healthy and sound Martin Saddlery Harness Leather Laced Noseband. Recommended for treatment of varying hock issues. Intrepid International. Equine Knee Boot Horse Boots Pet Supplies.

MagNTX Magnetic Therapy Knee Wraps use bi polar magnets to increase blood flow. Back On Track Therapeutic Equine Knee BootsThese knee boots are ideal for injury recovery or prevention in the tough to wrap knee area. Magnetic Therapy Knee Wraps use bi polar magnets to increase blood flow.

These boots protect against injuries caused by knee to knee interference without added bulk.

Aids in prevention of injury when used on.

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