HFP Fancy Stitch Split End Overlay Girth with Removable Sheepskin $160.00

Fancy Stitch Split EndOverlay Girth with Removable Sheepskin

HFPFancy Stitch Split End OverlayGirth with Removable Sheepskin is manufactured in the USA with top quality bridle leather.This comfortable overlay girth has removable sheepskin which is attached by hook and loop closures for easy removal and cleaning.

This overlay features elastic at one end and split leather at the other. Fancy stitching and center dees are included. The foldsconsist of smooth full grain leather. Thisquality overlaygirth has double bar roller buckles made of stainless steel.

HFPFancy Stitch SplitEnd Overlay Grth w/Removable Sheepskin:

  • Made of top quality bridle leather

  • Fancy stitching and center dees
  • Sheepskin attached by hook and loop closures
  • Easy removalof sheepskin for easy cleaning
  • Elastic at one end and split leather at other
  • Smooth full grain leather folds
  • Stainless steel double bar roller buckles
  • Manufactured in USA

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