Shoo Tag People Mosquito $21.95 Shoo!Tags provide a safe alternative to pest control treatments. An invention born from a concern for animals, people and the planet. Developed by sisters Melissa Mowrer Rogers and Kathy Heiney, Shoo! Tags provide a safe alternative to pest control treatments. The sisters came up with the idea from their years of work with bioenergetics. Shoo Tag is environmentally friendly plus it helps protect against chemical pollution and the development of superbugs. What is Shoo!Tag? Helps protect:
  • horses from flies and mosquitos
  • dogs from fleas, ticks and mosquitos
  • cats from fleas and ticks
  • people from mosquitos, ticks and chiggers
A new, different way to safely deal with pests. Each credit cardlike tag features an electromagnetic strip that is specific to the animal (horse, dog, cat or human) you want to protect and the pest you want to discourage. Helps protect horses from flies and mosquitoes; dogs and cats from fleas and ticks; and people from mosquitoes, ticks and chiggers. Chemical and odorfree; nontoxic. Safe for animals, people and the planet!How does it work?It's easy! Various pests such as flies, fleas, ticks and mosquitoes react to certain frequencies in nature. Each tag's magnetic strip is encoded with specific frequencies these pests don't like. Uses the animal's own energy field as a battery to charge and create a barrier so pests leave you and your animals alone. Barrier slows down and confuses insects and pests, making them leave the animal's energy field. Lasts up to 4 mos. Just attach the tags to the animal's mane, bridle or collar and see a difference in only 36 hours. Shoo!Tags work best with continuous wear. The magnetic strip should face the animal's body most of the time. Make sure the magnetic strip is fully exposed and protected from being scratched or bent.How should the tag be worn?Horses individually braid each tag into the underside of the mane behind the bridle path. May also be attached to a h

Listen on your mobile phone desktop TV smart speakers or in the car. TAG uses no harmful chemicals is odor free waterproof and is safe for pets people. For many repeated trips and application plans simply are not an option. Welcome to the Free E mail Database.

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However opting for the services of a professional exterminator can easily set you back several hundred dollars.

TAG uses no harmful chemicals is odor free and is a better alternative for pets people and the planet.

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