Trailer Eyes Plus TE 0912 24 GHz $225.88

Perfect for Smaller Trailers

The Trailer Eyes TE0912 2.4 GHz Monitoring System is perfect for trailers that are 45 feet or less and as a barn camera when your distance is less that 400 feet betweenbarn and house.

The Trailer Eyes TE0912 2.4 GHz Monitoring System features:

  • Two outdoor weatherproof booster antenna to ensure maximum signal sending and reception
  • New improved clamping base which allows you to adjust the camera for each trip
  • Clamping base iself is battery case will operate up to two hours during the daytime (one hour at night)
  • Uses mutiple power sources (9v battery 12vtrailer lighting 12v car lighter jack vehicle jumpstart battery pack)

Whats included?

  1. Windshield suction mounting bracket for monitor
  2. Clamp and magnet base booster antenna for monitor with 16 ft. long cable
  3. Clamp and magnet base booster antenna for camera with 16 ft. long cable
  4. Monitor ( 3.5 2.4 GHz. color wireless)
  5. Camera (with automatic infrared night vision weatherproof color
  6. Permanent mounting bracket for camera
  7. Car lighter power adapter for monitor
  8. Clamping base with builtin battery case for camera
  9. 12v trailer lighting power adapter for camera
  10. 9v battery(Alkaline nonrechargeable) for initial setup

Safety warning:

This product should not be used by the driver of a motor vehicle while driving.
To prevent fire or shock hazards do not expose the unit to
rain or moisture.

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